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Whispers. They don’t stop, because – simply, you’re secretly calling them. Deep down inside you, you yearn for them. For what, you haven’t figured out yet. The charm that they possess. Unknown to you as well. What you do know is, you can’t stop hearing them. And neither do you want to stop them.

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Some people can just stand there and watch you burn. You fall into this horrific deep pit, fiery lava scathing your skin. Their eyes don’t pity you. They just watch with a sort of anxiety that says they aren’t feeling for you, they’re just glad they aren’t you. They’re relieved. That ugly, false sympathetic face they put on is nothing more than an image to fool you into thinking that your relationship with them is a strong bond. They wince because it’s only a natural reaction. The same as when one shudders when one hears that screeching sound when long fingernails meet a dusty green chalkboard. That high-pitched shrill cry that not only hits your nerves, but also twists it around until it’s on the verge of snapping is less detrimental than delving into the fraudulent heart of those around you.


What is time? How does it run?

Time starts when we are conscious of it taking place, not when we were born, and most definitely, not before that.

Then what about everything that happened before we were born?

It never happened.

So, in a way, you’re saying that life never existed before you. Well, a thoughtful sigh, that certainly is not vain at all.

Actually, that is what I am saying.

Go on.

Without a conscious mind, I am incapable of perceiving anything I see. I can conjure up no thoughts. Neither can I learn to do so. Therefore, in my world, there is nothing and I am nothing. This world that we live in exists simply because I am aware of its existence. Time is born only through this awareness.

Could this world not exist, not survive, on its own, then?

It cannot survive without me. This world ceases to exist the moment I cease to exist. It is here now merely because I choose to share it with you.

An interesting observation.

With that, class ends. I walk out.

There were many things that the professor could have said. Many. I myself, knew how many loopholes were in my so called theory of life. I know he saw through them. They were big, after all, shining a bright light amidst the black dark. Yet, he refrained from pointing them out. He had the power to mark me as a comedy act, but he didn’t. He could have. But he didn’t.

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it starts with a revolution you fool.